The Weremantis


Wendjina the weremantis matriarch, professor of illusions, mind-control, and telekinesis. she has long black hair, thin pointed features, and an asian-esque beauty so perfect it’s unnatural and a little eerie. Wendjina is a natural lycanthrope; she was born with the ability to transform into an enormous bipedal mantis, and has complete control of her transformed state. Weremantises have their own nation, and Wendjina was raised to be a matriarch of weremantis society, which she eventually gave up to become a teacher.

Wendjina is much more powerful in her weremantis state than her human form, and so tends to stay in her weremantis state constantly, using illusions to make herself appear human- albeit as a woman of such perfect physical features it’s rather unnatural. However, some students have caught glimpses of her true form out of the corner of their eye or in a mirror’s quick reflection, reminding them that it’s not a 6-ft woman, but rather an 8-ft mantis they’re sharing a room with during class.

Weremantises practice a ritualistic form of cannibalism, as weremantis women possess an unchallenged dominance over their men, and usually amass a multitude of husbands and lovers, eating the ones that displease them. This causes many of Wendjina’s male students distress; she is already an unnaturally beautiful woman and is also the professor of mind-control; if she ever decided she wanted to ‘collect’ them, there’s little they could do to stop her. Of course, Wendjina laughs at these accusations, but only because she considers using mind-control to be cheating, not because the idea is impossible. In hushed whispers, they tell rumors of students who’ve fallen madly in love with her in the past, some of whom found their way to her chambers at night, and some of whom never came out again.


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