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The Premise

Each of you is a student enrolled in Winterfall Academy; a premier location for the study of magic, free from traditional or political boundaries. Everything, from dangerous creatures learning to control their powers, to dictators seeking ancient arts, to rich heirs learning to defend themselves can be found here, and while eclectic and dangerous, everyone knows the school is mostly harmless.

Or at least they thought it was. Now, the headmaster has suddenly gone missing. Students are starting to disappear. The staff insist nothing is wrong, but few believe them. Some students think the teachers are purposely covering something up.

The most recent student to go missing was Rue, a popular girl you all knew rather well. The teachers claim she decided to go back home to spend a year with her family, but one of you found a crumpled letter hidden at the foot of your bed the next morning:

“Dearest, I need to speak with you tonight- The basement, in the small room with the statue of the hydroid. I think I know where the missing students are, and I have a hunch why they’re being taken. Bring a pack and everything you can carry that might be useful. Weapons, rope, food, spare bags, a torch; use your imagination.”


This game will be playtesting the Spheres of Power system for the Pathfinder ruleset. Each player will be rolling a magic user of some sort, starting at level 1, and using the standard 20 point buy system for character creation.

The Teachers
Clik the Automation
Daemen the Unicorn
Fezmet the Ferret
Lord Baroden de Fleur the Lich
Meeda the Shapeshifter
Savesha the Succubut
Tocs Witherpool the Midget Gnome
Wendjina the Weremantis

Other Important Faculty
Geemet the Groundskeeper
Mardoc the Headmaster
Remsis the Library Troll

Important Non-Faculty
Ludvick Ramsecaar the Black Market

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