Tocs Witherpool

The Midget Gnome


Tocs Witherpool, a gnome with dwarfism, professor of nature magic and weather control.

Tocs has a rare form of dwarfism, which combined with being a gnome means he stands barely over a foot tall. He is very old, and VERY skilled at manipulating plants, animals, weather, and other natural forces to do his bidding. He is one of the oldest teachers, and has been teaching at the school for longer than anyone except the headmaster himself. The number of people in the world who owe him favors is horrendous, and he has been known to call someone’s great grandchildren to collect ancient favors their ancestors owed him. He seems to have no designs on this considerable political clout, but no one really knows what he’s planning to do as he reaches what even for gnomes is considered a very old age.

Students who make fun of his height have faced very severe punishments. Students who suggest he should ‘fix his height problem with magic,’ have suddenly had their parents recall them from the school with cryptic explanations for the sudden change.

Tocs Witherpool

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