The Succubus


Savesha the succubus, professor of conjuration and protective magics.

She has blonde hair she usually pulls back, and wears horn-rimmed glasses. Savesha is a succubus and as such is supposed to be the physical embodiment of lust, but unlike her sisters, Savesha was much more interested in studying magic than seducing souls. She even succeeded in doing what many consider to be impossible; she enacted a ritual that changed her home plane, letting her live in the material plane as a resident instead of a guest.

While Savesha understands the appeal of the physical and will dress elegantly to give herself social power, she has become more and more upset by the limitations and expectations she feels placed under for being a succubus. She is very sensitive to people failing to look past her body, and has been known to punish students rather harshly who thought she shared the same disposition as her sisters.

While a good teacher, it must not be forgotten she is a demon, who summons other demons for a living; it is rumored she has sold a few students’ souls to gain favors with demon lords, but so far these rumors haven’t been proven.


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