The Shapeshifter


Meeda, professor of destructive magic and shapeshifting.

Meeda is sweet, bubbly, and an 8 1/2 foot tall bipedal lizard with four arms, 2 tails, and wings. She is an unparalleled martial artist, a master of manipulating destructive forces, and whatever her previous physicality, she has chosen to change herself permanently to the hulking form she currently possesses.

Meeda served on the frontlines of several wars as a soldier and mercenary, using the opportunities to further her study of combat. She feels she is too old to chase wars for fun anymore, and has now set herself the task of teaching students, and furthering her personal research through meditation. However, she does tend to pick her favorites, inviting the most talented students to a private group she personally trains, that at least bears the appearance of a private military force. What the ex-mercenary professor is doing with her hand-picked students is anyone’s guess.


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