The Talking Ferret


Fezmet the Ferret, professor of fate and divination.

Fezmet was once a wizard’s familiar, who was granted independent intelligence by his master. His master never knew just how much intelligence, however, until Fezmet had read every one of his master’s books, learned his master’s spells, and beaten his master in a wizard’s duel. Fesmet took up work as an aid, using divination (and his unassuming looks as a ferret) to advice kings, merchants, and others as he could in exchange for money and comforts. Eventually he was noticed by the school headmaster and hired as a professor.

Fezmet is a good teacher, but is very strict with his students. He has even been known to bite the faces of students who’s lack of talent irked him. Some of these students have even gone missing, but that might just be a coincidence.


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