The Black Unicorn


Daemen the black unicorn, professor of time, teleportation, light, and dark.

Male, black skin with a white mane, he usually wears a large grey cloak after the human fashion, which he puts on telekinetically. Daemen is very intelligent; a calculator and observer. His dark coloring and disposition left him a virtual outcast among other unicorns, and thus he made the extremely controversial decision to live amongst humans (deemed to ‘unclean’ as a whole for constant contact.) Daemen expanded his already potent natural magic with wizardly study, and taking jobs with thieves, assassins, and underworld bosses. Eventually he left the world of criminal life for one of academia, and has never looked back.

He is not necessarily as dark, savage, and uncaring as he looks and seems (he is still a unicorn, after all,) but he still maintains many underworld contacts, and has been known to pass connections on to students who are in need of cash. Those who can’t pay back their favors have been known to go missing, although this might just be a coincidence.


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