The Automatron


Clik, the clockwork automation, professor of enhancement and creation. Clik self-identifies as female, and no one knows how Clik came into being, as she makes the claim that she enchanted herself. No one knows if she’s being coy, or simply has no idea the circumstances of her own creation.

Clik is one of the kindest teachers (comparatively,) but is also one of the hardest taskmasters- she doesn’t punish students harshly, but she has been known to drive her students to exhaustion and worse by neglecting their mortal need for food and sleep.

Clik has many hidden ‘projects’, including golems and other automations, which she works students at tirelessly while in detention. No one knows her plans for these projects, but she is relentless in seeing them through to completion. It is rumored that she has worked detention students literally to death, but these rumors can’t be confirmed.


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