Welcome to School, Mortals.

“I’m sure you each have your own reasons for studying magic. Blood and fire, I’m sure you each have your own style and power source. I’ll bet that every one of you, back home, was something so special, no one had ever seen anything like you before.

Well now you’re here, and let me tell you right now; everyone here’s special, which means none of you are. I’ve met more princes, half-angels, cyborgs, and daughters of ancient lines than I can count, and they were all just as flammable as the rest of you.

You’ll find a list of rules posted on your dorm walls, but I’ve got some things to tell you right now:

First, we don’t have a medical room. If you need an arm re-attached, find another student to do it for you, or ask Lord Baroden during his office hours.

Second, everything in the forest will kill you. If you go out there thinking you can find a pet to bring home, I will kill you.

Third, some of the staff here don’t use magic. Some of you might think that gives you power to bully them into doing what you want them to do. If you’re thinking that right now, I have two words for you about the fact that you’re living in a school that studies magic where you are expendable and the staff isn’t: guinea pigs.

And lastly, and listen up because I won’t repeat this: never, EVER think about the bathroom on the fourth floor.

Everything clear? Good. Welcome to your new home."

-Geemet the groundskeeper, repeated each year to the new students.

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